Stadium Drone Security

The Problem

While outdoor stadiums face risks from people who intentionally plan to inflict damage whether it is stealing by filming illegally or a physical attack, the more likely risk comes from the foolish guy in the parking lot who just wants to get a cool shot.

Regardless of the motivation, the stadiums want to have tools at their disposal to protect patrons and the event stability.

The Solution

Drone Go Home’s solution detects drones as they enter the perimeter airspace. Both the drone and the pilot locations are detected and alerts are sent via on-screen messages, SMS or email.

Security patrol vehicles can be equipped with mobile Drone Go Home sensors to add flexibility to location detection services.

While stadium security would be quite happy to send the drone home, they must settle now for locating the person breaking the law by flying over people without permission and asking the pilot to land the drone before the authorities are called.