Prison Management


The Problem

Prisons face a new challenge to prevent drones from being used for smuggling contraband such as cell phones, drugs or guns into unattended sections of prison yards. The consequences of such contraband range from unruly prisoners to orders for hits on prison staff.

Most current systems deal with only a portion of the entire process of detecting and preventing drone flight. Some systems only alert when a drone is in the protected space, requiring staff to take action. The legality of some of the prevention systems is in question because of the jamming techniques used. Simply shooting down errant drones risks injury to people and property on the ground.

The Solution

Drone Go Home’s solution detects drones attempting to enter a protected airspace and prevents them from flying in the zone.

The system detects drones in the area via RF and uses multiple techniques to cause the drone to return to its launch location or trigger its failsafe technique, disabling pilot control of the drone. All techniques operate within existing FCC guidelines and should present no legal challenges.

The solution is passive so no staff or special training is required.