Firefighting Safety


The Problem

2015’s California firefighters were grounded four times in their efforts to fight fires due to the presence of drones operating in the area.

While it is illegal for drone operators to fly in an area that has a Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) such as a wildfire, many new drone operators may be unfamiliar with these regulations and the dangers they pose.

The legality of some available mobile prevention systems is in question because of the jamming techniques used. And simply shooting down errant drones risks injury to people and property on the ground.

The Solution

Drone Go Home’s solution can be powered by a portable generator or inverter on a firetruck around a fire perimeter to detect drones attempting to fly too close to an active firefighting area and prevent them from flying in the zone.

The system detects drones in the area via RF and uses multiple techniques to cause the drone to return to its launch location or trigger its failsafe technique, disabling pilot control of the drone. All techniques operate within existing FCC guidelines and should present no legal challenges.

The solution establishes a passive perimeter security zone so no staff or special training is required.